CGI Environment Variables

Variable Name Description Value
AUTH_TYPEthe authentication methodNot Defined
CONTENT_LENGTHthe length of the request bodyNot Defined
CONTENT_TYPEthe media type of the dataNot Defined
DOCUMENT_ROOTthe server document root directoryNot Defined
GATEWAY_INTERFACEthe CGI specification revisionCGI/1.1
HTTP_ACCEPTthe media types the client acceptstext/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODINGan extra variable provided by this servergzip
HTTP_CONNECTIONan extra variable provided by this serverclose
HTTP_COOKIEthe cookie(s) the client sentNot Defined
HTTP_HOSTan extra variable provided by this
HTTP_REFERERthe URL of the referring pageNot Defined
HTTP_USER_AGENTthe browser the client is usingCCBot/2.0 (
PATH_INFOthe extra path infoNot Defined
PATH_TRANSLATEDthe extra path info translatedNot Defined
QUERY_STRINGthe query stringNot Defined
REMOTE_ADDRthe IP address of the client10.126.24.9
REMOTE_HOSTthe hostname of the clientNot Defined
REMOTE_IDENTthe remote user is (RFC 931): Not Defined
REMOTE_USERthe authenticated usernameNot Defined
REQUEST_METHODthe HTTP request methodGET
REQUEST_URIan extra variable provided by this server/evillen2005/cgi-bin/env_info.cgi
SCRIPT_NAMEthe script name/env_info.cgi
SERVER_ADMINan extra variable provided by this
SERVER_NAMEthe server hostname or IP
SERVER_PORTthe port number for the server80
SERVER_PROTOCOLthe server protocol nameHTTP/1.1
SERVER_SOFTWAREthe server softwareNot Defined